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Sean Delancey had expected his junior year to be normal.


That was his first mistake. His second mistake was in allowing his new English project partner, Raymond Jardine, to convince him to join in an off-the-wall scheme to win a trip to Theamelpos, a Greek island renowned as a source of good luck to everyone who visits there. The hapless Jardine is confident that once he reaches this island, his luck and life will change. It better -- bad luck is his middle name! Before the contest ends, Raymond and Sean pass off their own poetry as the writing of an obscure, and now deceased, Canadian poet; pass off Sean's grandfather as that obscure, and now deceased, poet; ruin a piece of U. I can't really comment on the story or whether it's suitable for SMA as I haven't read it, but getting permission is indeed the first thing you should do the filmrights could well already have been sold.


Your adaptation of the titlescreen is good, although the quality of the picture could be better only the minifigs waist is in focus, while both his face and hands should be, as they are the key elements. But I wouldn't even think of trying to make a film out of it.


Not only will it be next to impossible to get the proper permissions, but the odds against completing a project that size are astronomical. Sorry to be such a spoilsport, but I'd advise against animating any more than a select scene or two. EDIT: Didn't they destroy some experimental power system or something on the roof at the end?

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It's been a good ten years since I read it Currently installed 10 official extensions. Raymond and Sean are likeable, well-rounded characters who have memorable personalities and quirks. All rights reserved.

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