e-book Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions: A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives

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New item Free shipping Ping Add this item to Cart for a combined free shipping deal. Mentors may also have something to gain professionally and, as such, have their own personal agenda. Often, mentors are not trained, and their guidance is based more on their experience rather than the skills or proficiencies needed to mentor. For any executive sales coaching initiative to be effective and long-lasting, there are important obstacles that a manager or internal sales coach needs to address.

One of my clients recently called me with questions about building an internal coaching program. It seems the person who was spear-heading the initiative was having a difficult time putting the processes and procedures together as well as getting the managers to embrace the new philosophy and approach. The coaching relationship is a choice, not an obligation. The relationship between the coach and the people who are coached is a designed alliance, a collaborative partnership, and more.

As such, remedial or sanctioned coaching is often met with resistance rather than with open arms.

How to Create a High-Performing Sales Culture - Outside Sales Talk with Keith Rosen

How is coaching being offered to your team or to your employees? A perk, an incentive, an option, an obligation, or a remedial response to underperformance? Are you offering it to your entire team, to a select few, or to just one person? What if your boss walked up to you today and said, Your career, your bonus, your position in this company, and your salary will depend on how well your team performs. That said, I want you to start coaching all the people on your team, one on one.

Hold them accountable and be unconditionally supportive, while surrendering your agenda and maintaining objectivity. Could you do it? My clients consist of a myriad of companies and professions, all shapes and sizes, selling products and services in practically every industry and profession. Yet, the one truth I share with them is this: When you work with me as your coach, this will be the only relationship you have where it will always be percent about you.

We tackle this in much greater detail in Chapter 2. However, for executives or front line managers who are commissioned to hit some aggressive sales numbers, coaching is the last thing they want to talk about. The real distinction is that coaching is a process of discovery. A coach cannot push for results or attempt to change people overnight. The traditional scenario to facilitate change is typically a stressed-out manager who lays the same stress on his salespeople that his boss dumped on him. Work harder; get focused; our jobs can be on the line; just bring in some more business.

This hollow approach seldom drives change. Many employees are afraid that if they disclose too much, it will be held against them in the future. So they limit their vulnerability level to what is absolutely needed to perform their job function. This restricts safe and open communication, limiting the chance to connect with your people in a way that allows coaches to get to the real issues and barriers;—barriers that are preventing improved performance.

Your role as supervisor or boss presents some inherent problems with coaching that need to be addressed head on. Given the parameters, guidelines, and principles necessary to be a masterful coach, trust is critical to make the connection. Coaching requires an elevated level of trust that transcends the superficial trust between employees and management. How does that get handled?

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Do you think any of your employees are going to just come out and say that? Think again. As a result, this relationship could quickly turn into more of a mentoring rather than a coaching relationship. Companies that force all managers into a coaching role make a costly assumption that all of their managers would actually make great coaches, just like every college athlete should automatically make the pros.

Βιογραφία συγγραφέα: Rosen Keith

The rules work the same. Desire, attitude, ability, and skill will always be the formula for becoming a successful coach, or athlete. If you want to become powerful, hire a powerful coach. If you want your salespeople to be powerful, you need to be a good role model for them. As you evolve, so does your team. Consider this truth: Your team is a reflection of you. If you choose to evolve, so will your salespeople. If you want a world-class sales team, you have to become a world-class executive sales coach. The most effective leaders develop other leaders.

They encourage their people to perform as well as they do—even better. That is the sign of a true master and the real testament of a great manager. But what if the manager perceives his coworkers and subordinates as a threat?


Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions : Keith Rosen :

What if the manager is driven strictly by ego, the need to prove himself and his worth? What if this manager thinks he has survived only by keeping a competitive distance from his peers and salespeople? These are likely to be inferior managers who will seek to selfishly leverage the coaching relationship in a way to better themselves and their position rather than for the betterment of their sales team. With greater awareness comes choice. The good news is you possess the power to make a difference. The majority of these internal obstacles can be overcome using the strategies outlined in this book.

The remainder of this chapter outlines some very specific steps you can take as you begin your journey as a coach. When potential clients call my office, I begin the process by conducting a preliminary needs assessment to ensure there is a strong fit between us as well as a clear understanding of their objectives. I assess what they are expecting from a coach, have them share their background and goals with me, uncover the additional areas we would be working on together, and qualify them to ensure they are a client that I would like to work with.

[PDF] Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions: A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives

Inevitably, I would hear myself saying, "It sounds like you need more than just a coach to reach your goals. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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