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To give birth, beget; with derivatives referring to aspects and results of procreation and to familial and tribal groups. Derivatives include kin , king , jaunty , genius , pregnant 1 , gingerly , and nature.

Families and Communes: An Examination of Nontraditional Lifestyles

Derivatives include carve , crawl 1 , and program. Derivatives include crack , cranberry , and pedigree. Words meaning "to cry hoarsely"; also words denoting the crow. Words denoting a crane.

To give or receive. Derivatives include give , able , malady , prohibit , duty , and endeavor. Derivatives include heir , and gait. Derivatives include gold , arsenic , melancholy , Hare Krishna , gleam , glimpse , and glide. Words denoting colors. Words denoting gold. Words denoting bile. A range of Germanic words where no preforms are given, the words are late creations.

To seize, take. Derivatives include get , guess , prison , comprehend , surprise , and prey. Derivatives include orchard , kindergarten , courteous , choir , and choral. Derivatives include gut , funnel , fusion , and refund. Expressive root, found only in Tocharian in the literal meaning and Germanic. Derivatives include clever , and hieroglyphic.

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Derivatives include know , cunning , uncouth , ignore , noble , diagnosis , and narrate. To go, come. Derivatives include welcome , adventure , souvenir , acrobat , and diabetes. Derivatives include quick , vivid , vitamin , whiskey , amphibious , microbe , and hygiene. To throw, reach, with further meaning to pierce. Derivatives include devil , emblem , metabolism , parliament , problem , symbol , ballet , and kill.

Words denoting to pierce. Derivatives include grave 2 , grief , aggravate , baritone , guru , brute , and blitzkrieg. Derivatives include bane , fence , and offend. Derivatives include brand , brandy , forceps , and fornicate. Derivatives include cow 1 , beef , bugle 1 , and butter.

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  5. Derivatives include yonder , identity , and item. Caelum , ceil , sallet , from Latin caelum?

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    To defecate. Root imitative of glottal closure during defecation. To shine. Derivatives include have , heavy , cable , captive , deceive , capsule , and chassis. Derivatives include hard , and cancer. Possibly Greek karuon , nut karyo- ; eucaryote , gillyflower , synkaryon. Possibly Greek kata , down cata-.

    Derivatives include city , and cemetery. Derivatives include resuscitate , and kinetic. Derivatives include hell , hole , holster , apocalypse , and eucalyptus. Calypso 1 , calyptra ; apocalypse , eucalyptus , from Greek kaluptein , to cover, conceal. Derivatives include exclaim , haul , calendar , and class.

    Derivatives include horn , unicorn , hornet , reindeer , migraine , cheer , rhinoceros , and cerebrum. Derivatives include cereal , Creole , concrete , and recruit. Both a and b from Gaulish carros , a wagon, cart. Derivatives include cave , excavate , and church. Derivatives include decline , climax , climate , and ladder. Derivatives include leer , loud , and Hercules. Clio , from Greek kleiein , to praise, tell.

    Derivatives include he 1 , et cetera , and behind. Postposed in Latin -ce see nu-. Derivatives include enough , handiwork , and country.

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    Probably related to ost-. Derivatives include garble , crime , certain , excrement , crisis , and hypocrisy.

    Utopia Described

    Basic form with variant instrumental suffixes. To rest, be quiet. Derivatives include while , coy , and requiem. White; to shine. To revolve, move around, sojourn, dwell. Derivatives include colony , cult , wheel , cyclone , pulley , and bucolic. Derivatives include four , squad , quarantine , and farthing. Stem of relative and interrogative pronouns.

    Derivatives include who , whether , either , quorum , quip , and quality. Probably a verbal root meaning "to appear. Derivatives include leech 1 , lecture , legend , intelligent , sacrilege , loyal , and logic. Derivatives include ledge , lair , beleaguer , lees , law , and fellow. Derivatives include levity , carnival , elevate , leprechaun , and lung. Derivatives include slime , slick , and oblivion. Derivatives include eclipse , loan , and derelict. Derivatives include life , and liver. The strict diet of grains and fruits left many in the group malnourished and sick.

    Given this situation, many of the members left and the community collapsed in January As a group of dissenting Quakers under the charismatic leadership of Mother Ann Lee, the Shakers came to America in Like most reformist movements of the time, the Shakers were agriculturally based, and believed in common ownership of all property and the confession of sins. Unlike most of the other groups, the Shakers practiced celibacy, or the lack of procreation.

    Membership came via converts or by adopting children. During the required Sunday community meetings it was not uncommon for members to break into a spontaneous dance, thus giving them the Shaker label. As pacifists they were exempted from military service and became the United States' first conscientious objectors during the Civil War. Currently, however, there isn't a whole lot of Shaking going on. As the younger members left the community, converts quit coming, and the older ones died off, many of the communities were forced to close.

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    Of the original 19 communities, most had closed by the early s. Located 15 miles south of Chicago, the town of Pullman was founded in the s by George Pullman of luxury railway car fame as a utopian community based on the notion that capitalism was the best way to meet all material and spiritual needs. According to Pullman's creed, the community was built to provide Pullman's employees with a place where they could exercise proper moral values and where each resident had to adhere to the strict tenets of capitalism under the direction and leadership of Pullman.

    The community was run on a for-profit basis—the town had to return a profit of 7 percent annually. This was done by giving the employees two paychecks, one for rent, which was automatically turned back in to Pullman, and one for everything else. Interestingly, the utopian community had very rigid social class barriers, with the management and skilled workers living in stately homes and the unskilled laborers living in tenements.

    The experiment lasted longer than many of the other settlements, but ultimately failed. Pullman began demanding more and more rent to offset company losses, while union sentiment grew among the employee residents. They can also chase you down : Ostriches are the fastest species on two legs, with a top speed of about 43 mph. They can maintain a swift 30 mph pace for 10 miles, making them the marathon champs of the avian world. On each foot is a 5-inch claw that cassowaries use to defend themselves. At least two people have been kicked to death by cassowaries, the most recent being a Florida man who unwisely kept one of the birds as a pet.

    Like a smaller, shaggier ostrich, the 5- to 6-foot emu is the second-largest bird on Earth as well as a goofy spokesbird for insurance. During the breeding season, female emus fight enthusiastically over unattached males. But the results of this mating ritual are impressive: clutches of forest-green, oval eggs that resemble giant avocados. This flightless bird is named for the Titan goddess Rhea, who gave birth to all of the Olympian gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

    At up to 5 feet tall and 66 pounds, the greater rhea may not seem like as much of a terror as the ostrich. But it gathers in massive flocks of up to birds during the non-breeding season, so watch out if you happen to be in its South American habitat.