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Vijaya Kumar, P. Salam, M. Choi, Y.

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Author Index. With the growing complexity of pattern recognition related problems being solved using Artificial Neural Networks, many ANN researchers are grappling with design issues such as the size of the network, the number of training patterns, and performance assessment and bounds. These researchers are continually rediscovering that many learning procedures lack the scaling property; the procedures simply fail, or yield unsatisfactory results when applied to problems of bigger size. Phenomena like these are very familiar to researchers in statistical pattern recognition SPR , where the curse of dimensionality is a well-known dilemma.

Issues related to the training and test sample sizes, feature space dimensionality, and the discriminatory power of different classifier types have all been extensively studied in the SPR literature. It appears however that many ANN researchers looking at pattern recognition problems are not aware of the ties between their field and SPR, and are therefore unable to successfully exploit work that has already been done in SPR. Similarly, many pattern recognition and computer vision researchers do not realize the potential of the ANN approach to solve problems such as feature extraction, segmentation, and object recognition.

Neural Networks: A Pattern Recognition Perspective

The present volume is designed as a contribution to the greater interaction between the ANN and SPR research communities. We are always looking for ways to improve customer experience on Elsevier.

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Weirdly, I have not been able to find answers even after reading through loads of NN learning materials. There are some books from Bishop and Ripley about Pattern Recognition and NN - however I did not read them, so better taking first a look into before deciding. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.


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Artificial Neural Networks in Pattern Recognition

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