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Many of our groups focus on specific tumor types, which enables people with relatively rare tumors to have a way to connect with others who have experience living and dealing with those tumors. Other groups are more general and provide a place for people to discuss just about anything related to brain tumors and the impact they have on the lives of patients, their families and loved ones.


How to Heal the Brain with Neuroplasticity After Injury - The Best Brain Possible

Being connected to a community of people who truly understand what you are going through is invaluable and incredibly helpful. If you are dealing with issues related to brain tumors, please consider subscribing to one of more of our groups.

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Thank You! Brain plasticity is the brain's ability to change—physically, functionally, and chemically—throughout life.

10 Ways to Help Your Brain Heal

One of the most attractive features of plasticity-based therapies is that they are drug free. They rely on retraining the brain through repetitious, challenging activity.

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Certainly there are conditions that require medications, and thank goodness science has made such incredible forward leaps in providing them. But in an era when people take more and more medications, with more and more side effects and interactions, it is exciting to think that the next great breakthrough in health might come from a less invasive source.


The growing understanding of and interest in brain plasticity is driving a revolution in brain health and science to measure how the brain changes. In addition to the work being done at Posit Science, scientists and brain plasticity luminaries at institutions around the globe are beginning to look to plasticity-based therapies for treating a wide spectrum of other cognitive problems.

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Ultimately, brain-plasticity based programs might help schizophrenics improve their symptoms and live more normal lives. Musicians stricken with focal dystonia might learn to play again, without pain.


People with mild cognitive impairment or early-stage Alzheimer's might halt the progression of their disease. Cancer patients whose ability to function has been impeded by the lasting cognitive effects of chemotherapy treatment might find their old selves again. Stroke or traumatic brain injury victims may relearn skills they thought were lost forever. The list goes on.